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How to know if a Hardware is ready for Windows 2012 R2

Would like to try Windows 2012 R2?

Are you interested in Hyper-V?

Please before try it, check this site to be sure that your hardware is certified

Furthermore, I think is also really useful the following site

You can compare the CPU performance of several hardware vendors so you can decide for example  that is better to invest in a Cisco UCS B200 M3 (Intel Xeon E5-2665, 2.40 GHz) with 16 core insted of Cisco UCS B200 M3 (Intel Xeon E5-2667, 2.90 GHz) with 12 core.

Recently, I had an interesting experience: my customer bought Cisco UCS B200 M3 machines and the perfomance were incredible but even if the hardware was certified for Windows 2012, we had problem using the Guest Clustering feature.

The problem was that the UCS storage drivers were not optimized for supporting in the right way the guest Clustering. It was a bug recognized by Cisco that was very proactive to provide a workaround.

So I don’t want to blame Cisco for this bug (s**t happens!), I want only warn you to always ask your hardware vendor about knowed issues with the Windows features you want to enable (not only Hyper-V)

If you need more Resources: