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General Availability of Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

Today Microsoft announced the General Availability of Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager.

Hyper-V Recovery Manager helps our customers by coordinating the replication of System Center managed clouds to a secondary location, monitoring availability and orchestrating recovery as needed.

Furthermore, because Hyper-V Recovery Manager is an Azure service, customers don’t have to go through a difficult installation/Configuration process. Launch a web browser, log into Azure and manage Replica. Furthermore, because it requires only a web browser it works on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

Hyper-V Recovery Manager 2

Hyper-V Recovery Manager is between sites, not to Azure. Hyper-V Recovery Manager is
the orchestration engine, but no replication occurs to Azure. Azure simply manages the replication between sites as well as provides recovery plans.

Hyper-V Recovery Manager

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