Use Windows Store in an Enterprise Environment

Windows 8.x introduces a new kind of applications named “Modern”

These kind of applications are packaged as .appx files and are published using the Microsoft Windows Store.

I created a personal FAQ based on my experience with enterprise customers that are interested in using Windows 8.

As you will see, the Windows Store actually is very “consumer” and not really “enterprise”

NOTE: The following informations are updated to Janurary 2014

Q: It’s mandatory to have a Microsoft Account to install and update the modern apps published in the Windows Store?

A: Yes, the only apps that you can update without having a Microsoft Account are the Windows 8 embedded Modern apps (Mail, Calendar, People, Video…)

Q: Can I create a large number of Microsoft Accounts using a script or some service provided by Microsoft

A: No

Q: Can I federate my enterprise directory with the Windows Store in order to avoid the need of a Microsoft Account and provide a single sign-on experience?

A: No

Q: If I develop my own Modern Application I need to publish it on the Windows Store?

A: No, you can distribute it using SCCM, Intune or other products due the fact that you own the .appx file

Q: Can I distribute a Modern Application that is placed in the public store to my users?

A: You can publish a “deep link” that is a sort of web link to the Windows Store page where the user can install the application. It’s not possible to retrieve the .appx file of a Modern App published in Windows Store and it’s not possible to push the installation of a Modern App published in the Windows Store

Q: Can I update a Modern Application that is placed in the public store to my users?

A: No, you can only publish the deep link to the updated version of the app but it’s the user that must open the store and click “update”

Q: It’s possible to buy a large number of Modern Apps from the Windows Store?

A: Actually it’s not possible to buy Modern Applications in bulk. Every single application needs to be bought by the user using a credit card associated with the Microsoft Account

Q: I bought a Modern Application from the Windows Store for a user that is leaving the company. Can I reassign the App?

A: No, the license is chained with the Microsoft Account and you cannot trasfert it

Q: Can I disable the access to the store?

A: Yes using Group policies

Q: Can I prevent users to install some kind of applications from the store?

A: Using App Locker you can prevent the installation of a given set/type of applications


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